Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, I've finally gotten on the band wagon and created a blog. First some info on myself. I'm the Daddy Bear here. I have 4 cubs, Junior Bear, Little Bear, Girly Bear, and Baby Bear. I have a wonderful wife, the Irish Woman, who puts up with me and my spawn with a smile on her face.

I work for a large U.S. company in Kentucky, and have been here almost 8 years. I've lived all over, both as an adult and a kid. When I was younger, I was an intel weenie in the Army, and did a lot of really fun things and a lot of really boring things.

Junior Bear is a typical teenager, trying to get through high school with as little damage as he can.

Little Bear is my younger son, just starting middle school next year.

Girly Bear is my one and only daughter. Yes, she is Daddy's girl. She's still in grade school.

Baby Bear just turned two months old. He's currently working on learning to smile and hold his head up.

The Irish Woman is as strong as steel and as soft as lamb's wool. Her eyes can show light on the world and can cut me in half when they flash lightning. We've been together for 7 years, and married for 4. She's become a great co-parent to my kids, and is a great partner to me.

As for me, I'm a 40-ish schlub. I'm a Republican, socially moderate and fiscally conservative. I'm pro-gun and pro-defense.

The rest you'll learn as you read.

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