Saturday, November 7, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 9

OK, we're over halfway in the regular season.

Washington and Atlanta - Washington - They're due, and I'm a starry eyed optimist.
Arizona and Chicago - Arizona
Houston and Indiana - Tough one. Indy has a great season so far, but Houston is on a roll. Indy
Miami and New England - Miami
Green Bay at Tampa Bay - Green Bay
Kansas City at Jacksonville - Jacksonville
Baltimore at Cinci - Cinci
Carolina at New Orleans - New Orleans
Detroit at Seattle - Seattle
San Diego at New York Giants - Giants
Tennessee at San Fransisco - Tennessee
Dallas at Philadelphia - This is a coming together of some very big suck. I hope it's a tie, and the coaches of both teams code on the 50 yard line. I'll say that Dallas will take this one, but I hope both teams choke.
Pittsburgh at Denver - Pittsburgh

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