Monday, May 17, 2010

Tonight's Haul

Well, our fruit crop is starting to come in.

We've been getting strawberries in ones and two's, but with the cool wet weather lately, they've really started ripening.

Irish Woman went out for about 10 minutes and gathered a couple of pints:

We have a couple of varieties, some big,
and some not so big
We have a lot still ripening, and some that are still blossoms.  I'm going to preserve everything that doesn't get scarfed up by the wife and kids.  BooBoo has already learned to pick himself a red strawberry on his way out the door every morning.  I'm not complaining.  What parent minds a child who prefers fresh fruit to candy?

Our cherry and peach trees are absolutely loaded.  The cherries are starting to ripen, and Irish Woman predicts we'll be harvesting this weekend if the sun comes out for a couple of days. 


Julie said...


Scott McCray said...

Nice lookin' berries - we just gathered about a pint of 'em the other night. Nothing like it!


On a Wing and a Whim said...

Those look absolutely delicious - especially considering the leaves on the trees just came out up here, and the mountains are still covered in snow. Enjoy your handfuls of summer candy!

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